The Ultimate Solution for Every Shopping Journey


Making the ordinary, extraordinary

We're serious about the shopping bag market. We're here to reform it. Through practical smarts and a touch of flair, we're stepping up the game and leading the change in the process.

Why we exist

With the immediacy of trying to reduce the use of one-off plastic bags, we noticed an adverse effect.  Multiple versions of poor-quality, flimsy single-use bags with average designs had become a throw away commodity and being bought out of necessity only. But that is all about to change.


Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the experience of day-to-day living by creating beautifully designed, functional solutions that make life easier, and are easier on our precious environment. We GATHER with a sense of purpose, and a sense of place.


GATHER for the long-term

The GATHER Bag System is constructed from premium high-quality reusable materials that are highly durable and designed for long-term use.


Thoughtful design

Every aspect in our design has been thoughtfully considered, to ensure real-world practicality, performance and function, along with a timeless design aesthetic.


Shop, in style

Choose from our range of contemporary bag designs, and transform your day-to-day shopping into a more stylish and satisfying occasion.